Friday, June 15, 2012

MacBook Pro has some issues

After waiting with baited breath (yes, I'm an Apple devotee) and sitting through live blogging reports of the various announcements at the recent developer's conference, I came across the above article in WIRED magazine today.

Referred to as "the least repairable laptop" on the market currently - needless to say, my vision of owning one of these slick new machines has dimmed somewhat.  Which, considering my budget, is probably a good thing.

What's really annoying though, and is quickly pushing me away from Apple, is the fact that this battery is GLUED into the machine. You can't simply buy a replacement: you have to ship the thing to Apple to have them work on it. This is getting ridiculous (and is also the reason behind my potential decision to drop the iPhone and move to a Samsung or HTC option when it comes to smartphones).

Really, guys?

I understand your desire to keep control over your product: but not being able to simply replace a battery? On a $2,300 machine? You are pushing my limits.

What do you think?

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